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Expired One:
Hello Boyz and Girlz

Welcome to the Game Arrange Board.. ;D

We the staff post games and events in the calender to which everyone is free to join but please feel free to post your own game arrange. Whether you're just looking for a co op partner or fancy some mp party on the latest game.

In fact the more events the merrier...

Please could you include the following in the Title as it makes it easier for us staff to sticky and pin your nights up for you.. ;)

Name of Game
Time of Start..
Under event options, please select which forum you want the event to go in i.e Xbox One Game Arrange.

And thats it. If you've made a mistake and posted it in the wrong area, give me (or any of the other staff) a shout and I'll move it for you if you're unsure what to do.

Much appreciated guys and girls.. Let's party up and get some games on.... ;D

As per the above post, please include the Date in ALL event titles.
This will prevent lots of DUPLICATE TITLES
This will also make it a lot easier for site staff to manage the games arrange section.

A small friendly reminder to all of you that post game nights in the calender. Please don't forget to put the start time in the title. It makes it so much easier for me when I put up our weekly events on Facebook and when I do the daily tweets.

Thanks guys and keep up the good work.  :)


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