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so we are currently pushing to keep the events calander full of gaming nights with help from you wonderful members  :) so this is just me woundering what nights you want to see that aren't there at the minute or is everybody happy

Gears 4 (dont think its been played since 5 appeared. it would make a change :) )
Division 2

Division 2 im with you happy to mix up the gears nights but what sort of golf game we looking at. Thinking with ea access coming to game pass surley there is some on there or do you have a certain one in mind

NeRvEaGeNt 78:
Wreckfest,Iracing and Rainbow 6 Siege would be cool especially wreckfest and maybe Valorant not really heard anyone playing that on the forums though.

am i right in thinking wreckfest will be coming to game pass with the ea accesse merge


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