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PC Game Nights / Re: WOT FRIDAY NIGHT 2000ish 26.01.18
« Last Post by Expired One on Today at 08:48:27 am »
I should be good for this, as long as my game doesn't lag out like last Friday.
Just me lol 😁 I played Minecraft instead. I put another night up soon.
PC Game Nights / WOT FRIDAY NIGHT 2000ish 26.01.18
« Last Post by Ogruls on Today at 06:55:41 am »
Tier 6 or 8 (discord dependant numbers)................strongholds & toons
XBox Game Nights / Re: Call of Duty - WWII 9pm 22/01/18
« Last Post by Fired Upon on Yesterday at 10:50:30 pm »
Expired asked me to post that he can't make tomorrow but if this becomes a regular Monday night thing he can do the following Monday.
XBox Game Nights / Re: Call of Duty - WWII 9pm 22/01/18
« Last Post by NeRvEaGeNt 78 on Yesterday at 01:45:21 pm »
Im away with work that day if im back in time ill be on, should be but the weather is bad so cant guarantee a yes as I got a big drive. Plus I aint played this in ages so fancy a wee blast of COD
XBox Game Nights / Re: Call of Duty - WWII 9pm 22/01/18
« Last Post by Polymorph 1971 on Yesterday at 01:20:33 pm »
Hell yeah
XBox Game Nights / Re: Call of Duty - WWII 9pm 22/01/18
« Last Post by OldG_Stele on January 20, 2018, 05:59:29 pm »
I have to work a night shift, sorry  :(
Call of Duty WWII / Re: COD WWII The Resistance Event Jan 23 -Feb 27 2017
« Last Post by Uncle Orbius on January 20, 2018, 02:10:49 pm »
Looks great. Roll on Tuesday :)
Call of Duty WWII / COD WWII The Resistance Event Jan 23 -Feb 27 2017
« Last Post by nad2dare on January 20, 2018, 11:52:34 am »

Call of Duty: WWII's latest limited-time event has been announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it looks like a big one. Called The Resistance, it's free and adds a bunch of new game modes and gear, as well as a new Division.

The highlight of the event is the new Division, also called the Resistance. As with the other Divisions, it functions as a playable class, with class-specific abilities and perks. This Division's strengths are close-quarters combat, and its perks include a Pistol Tactical Knife, the ability to scramble nearby enemy mini-maps, and a mini-map symbol showing the direction of nearby foes.

The event also marks the return of the Prop Hunt game mode to Call of Duty. It's similar to hide-and-seek, where one team takes control of inanimate objects and attempts to blend in and avoid the hunting team. You can also try out Demolition, a game mode similar to Search and Destroy, except with respawning turned on.

Finally, The Resistance also includes new weapons and gear. The Volkssturmgewehr assault rifle, the Orso SMG, and the Combat Knife can all be acquired by completing Orders. In addition, players can snag a free Resistance supply drop every week until the end of the event.

The event begins on January 23 and runs through February 27, and it coincides with the launch of the game's first DLC pack (also called The Resistance) on January 30 on PS4. The DLC will come to other platforms later on. The pack includes three new multiplayer maps, a new War Mode map, and a new Zombies map.
Who showed up? I know I didnt... old fart as I am lost contact with reality and time. or as a normal dude would say.. forgot.
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