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Author Topic: Xbox E3 2017 Press Conference Runs Longer Than Usual  (Read 357 times)

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Xbox E3 2017 Press Conference Runs Longer Than Usual
« on: June 10, 2017, 04:23:03 pm »
The E3 2017 Xbox press briefing will last more than 90 minutes.

This year's Xbox E3 press conference will run longer than usual. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed on Twitter that the show will be more than 90 minutes in length. According to him, this is to make room for all of the games that the company hoped to showcase, though it's unclear exactly how much of the show will be dedicated to games and not hardware.

"Had some games that just didn't want to leave out to hit the time, so made a call to just run a little long," Spencer said. He didn't indicate if these games were exclusives or what portion of these presentations would be dedicated to Scorpio.

Xbox briefing Sunday will likely run longer than our traditional 90 mins. For those recording just a heads up.  #XboxE3 — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) June 8, 2017

Microsoft is expected to officially announce the name, price, and release date for Project Scorpio during the briefing. In addition to that, there will of course be game announcements and demos.

Meanwhile, Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra is traveling to Los Angeles for E3 and he tweeted a picture of the Xbox Scorpio chip he's apparently carrying with him.

The length of this year's event isn't the only thing that's new for Microsoft, as the show is now taking place on the Sunday before E3 week instead of Monday. The event kicks off at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET, and we now know it will run until after 3:30 PM PT / 6:30 PM ET.

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Re: Xbox E3 2017 Press Conference Runs Longer Than Usual
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2017, 01:09:47 pm »
10pm uk time...  bring it on!
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Re: Xbox E3 2017 Press Conference Runs Longer Than Usual
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2017, 04:40:59 pm »