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Author Topic: Call Of Duty: WW2 Dev Pledges More Anti-Cheat/Hack Tech For Full Release  (Read 256 times)

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Activision promises to have more measures in place to combat cheating and hacking after the beta.

Activision has penned a blog post in which it talked about feedback from the beta and outlined some of what's coming for the full launch in November.

Starting off on an unfortunate note, Activision said there was some amount of cheating/hacking in the beta. Activision explained that the beta did not feature the entire suit of anti-cheat/hacking technology that it plans to use for the full release. Overall, Activision said, "We take a level playing field extremely serious and will monitor and react to this as a top priority on an ongoing basis."

Here are some of things that Activision said it plans to have available for Call of Duty: WWII's PC version at launch:

*Scroll bars on options that scroll.
*Allow numerical entry to mouse and controller sensitivity options (in addition to slider).
*Streamline the exit of the game.
*Clearly indicate being in Party status in UI.
*Making the resolution options more clear and consistent.
*Video option video memory indicator.
*Warnings about video memory over-commitment.
*Option to bind lean left/right keys in multiplayer.
*And a number of smaller issues that we're tracking, which we'll update in future patch notes.

Activision said it is "extremely grateful" for the feedback players sent in over the course of the beta. All of that was a "huge help" for the team.

A multiplayer beta for Call of Duty: WWII was also held on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Call of Duty: WWII launches for all platforms on November 3.