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Author Topic: Mario Tennis Aces - Refunds  (Read 990 times)

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Mario Tennis Aces - Refunds
« on: June 25, 2018, 01:50:41 pm »

Mario Tennis Aces doesn't let you play a regular game of tennis - and some people are so upset they're trying to refund the game.

The Nintendo Switch game came out 22nd June, and while it's going down well with players, it didn't take long before people noticed there's something very odd about the game settings.

It turns out, outside of the CPU tournaments, Mario Tennis Aces forces you to play a shortened version of tennis that follows the same scoring rules as tennis, but not the established game, set and match rules.

Regular tennis is broken up into sets. To win a set you either need to be first to win six games or, if it's a tie at six games each, win a tiebreaker. The final set (either best two out of three or best three out of five) must be won by two games, for example 6-4, 8-6, 10-8 and so on.

In Mario Tennis Aces, it's best of three games wins the match. There are no sets. So, you can win a match in just eight points. It's pretty fast-paced!

Nintendo set Mario Tennis Aces to play this way to keep match length down to a minimum (pass the pad and all that). But what's odd here is there is no way to tweak the settings. You can't change the number of games that make up a set. You have to play best of three games and that's it.

It's also odd in the context of previous Mario Tennis games, which did let you tweak the game and set count in the settings.