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Fallout 76 Day One Patch is Larger Than the Game Itself

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Fallout 76 has already received one huge patch during the course of the game’s BETA event. Now, in addition to installing that patch again, Bethesda has announced a second Fallout 76 day one patch; presumably addressing more issues which arose during the BETA. However, the two patches together will be larger than the base game, and bring the total file size up to almost 100 GB when it launches on the 14th of November.

The file sizes were reported by PSU via console screenshots. The actual file size of Fallout 76 without either of the patches is 45.04 GB. In fact, the game is now available to pre-load on Xbox One, and will soon be available for pre-load on other platforms too. However, what cannot currently be pre-loaded is the Fallout 76 day one patch. Combined with the 30 GB patch which launched during the BETA and which will need to installed anew in the main game, the total day one patch is around 54.64 GB. Together with the base game, that makes Fallout 76 close to a massive 99.68 GB. (The exact size is likely to differ slightly on different platforms.)

Uncle Orbius:
shocking  :o


--- Quote from: Uncle Orbius on November 14, 2018, 12:57:52 pm ---shocking  :o

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Well I'm supprise that it took me an 1hr 30min to download the 54.64 gb patch, compared to when i had to download cod black ops 4 day 1 patch which was 50gb, which took me 2hr 45 min. 

I suppose it could be factor's like the time I did the downloading, (black ops 4, 2pm - 5pm friday), (fallout 76 11am- 12:30 pm wednesday).  Also cod is more popular then fallout could be another reason for the  internet traffics of downloads speed because of server limits.

OldG Neurotic:
Well, my copy was delivered today and I haven’t played it yet! Reason being, Tommy is home as he’s not well, he’s installed it and has been playing it for about 3 hours. I might get a look in over the weekend if I’m lucky!

Expired One:
I like it fallout 76 definitely things could be improved but overall I'm happy with it


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