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Anyone playing fallout 76 on PC?

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Expired One:
As the title says who's playing on pc?

I was just about to ask the same thing. (OK im a little late replying)

I wasnt going to bother with this, but then when everyone (And by everyone I mean the grumbling internets) started complaining about it and it was only £20 or so I crumbled.

I just dont understand what the fuss is about - it just feels like another fallout game to me. Sure there are a couple of gripes - but its fallout. Im sure Bethesda has a team dedicated to crazy bugs ;)

I'm around level 27 I think. Biggest issue ive had is being kicked from a server doing a daily quest or it just refusing to give me ammo - or at least as much as I would like.

Expired One:
We're still playing well more off then on at the moment, so we're around level 8 at the moment.

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I did start another char - which I think its at level 5. Seems really quick to get to 10.. then slows right down !

PoddyMcQ and myself just started playing this around the New Year. Really enjoying it so far to be honest. Upto level 25/6 at the moment I think. I need a bigger stash and to find more weapon blueprints...

Username is Porkcrackling on Bethesda, so feel free to add me.


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