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And the reviews are saying...


Is it really as bad as these reviews make out?


Bethesda's attempt at Fallout multiplayer is, like so many of the series' vaults, a failed experiment.

Attack of the Fanboy – 2.5/5 (PC)
Guardian – 2/5 (PS4)
GamesRadar+ – 2.5/5
Push Square – 3/10 (PS4)
The Sixth Axis – 3/10 (PS4)
Trusted Reviews – 3.5/5
VideoGamer – 4/10 (PS4)

The Guardian
Half-baked conflict and witless quests to unearth the dead – this soulless sequel is perfect if you enjoy picking up rubbish in a wasteland
(PlayStation 4 (version played), Xbox One, PC)

Only up to lvl 11 but Enjoying it so far

I haven't tried playing with others yet just Solo and am finding plenty of Event's and Quests to do between my Exploring will try teaming up with others sometime to see if that makes it more fun plus some of those Super Mutants are Bullet Sponges so could do with some help lol


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