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Author Topic: Rage 2 is also playable on this ‘Dreamcast’  (Read 119 times)

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Rage 2 is also playable on this ‘Dreamcast’
« on: May 06, 2019, 11:54:48 am »

Bethesda Softworks sparked some confusion today when it announced it was giving away a custom-built Dreamcast that plays Rage 2. How could a console from 1999 play the 2019 Rage sequel? After reading the fine print, and checking in with the developers, Polygon has confirmed that it’s a custom PC wedged inside a Dreamcast-shaped shell.

Still, in a day marked by other seemingly Mad Libs-style retro gaming headlines, it’s a fun promotion.

Official rules https://cdn.bethsoft.com/links/rage/RAGE_2_PC_Sweepstakes_FINAL.pdffor the contest state that the winner receives a custom PC valued at $590. Bethesda stated that there’s no actual Dreamcast bits to speak of, aside from the shell itself. They’re checking with the modders who built it, but from the images released on social media it looks like the black variant of the console sold as the Sports Edition. You can still find them on eBay for under $200.