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Author Topic: OldG Elite Squadron - Beano #4 03/8/20 - Guardian Tech farm #1  (Read 83 times)

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Guardian Tech.  Those hard to unlock modules, vessels and weapons will be yours! :D

The best weapons in the game, not just anti-xeno, anti-everything.  We have left the best 'til last as a lot of the squadron want these.

We hope this week, after the false start at the weekend lol, we will definitely make a start on unlocking the weapons.  As we found out the hard way last week doing the vessels, things do not always go to plan, but we got there in the end.  It was pain though, so to make this easier we are splitting the weapons up into three jaunts.  There are 14 weapons in total, but we need to get 18 blueprints as the four turrets require two each.  So we plan to get six each week.  Which was the same as the modules and was well do able.

We will arrive overnight, so whenever you log in on this day 3/8 check the system you are in.  This weeks destination is Synuefe EU-Q C21-10 Planet A3.

Do not leave the carrier if we are not in the destination system.  We have left people behind before, so stay put.  We had a stowaway last week too, so do let us know that you are actually on board, as we might leave without you on the return journey. :)
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